Sift heads 5

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Sift heads 5
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Sift heads 5 Game

We got in here a wide selection of the stickman games what you can have on your phone online or on a computer. Sift heads 5 is one of the best stickman games; did you play the stickman games before?
This game will make you fall in love with the games, as the simplest drawn drawings and the dangerous missions on which these crudely drawn heroes go is a really real. These 2D characters more than often get into an intense gunfight, running and even on killing.
We have hundreds of stickman games here in, and all of them are online, what you can play online in the browser or on your mobile phone.

Game Controls:

Mouse to Move Aim, Mouse Left Click to Interact, Space to Equip Your Weapon, R to Reload

If you do not like Sift heads 5, other games of the same category StickMan can get your attention, and I can assure you, you will have the game of your taste and desire.
This game though, the best among the stickman games, a full of fun game, the story is impeccable, the graphics are 2D, sounds also gravitate itself.
But, these are just to fill the available space; the real taste of the game would be the story and the script. If the script goes fail none of the other things what I mentioned, cannot fill the place. So, that Sift heads 5 is nicely drawn story and script, you are going to play one of the best Adventure StickMan games, and I think after playing it even for another day, you would be recommending this to your friends and other Kids.
Play Sift heads 5 online in the browser, just hit the play button and allow the game to be loaded. And you can get yourself registered for the game if you think you are going to hit the cohort positively and your name should be shown on the top in the scorecard.


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